Saturday, February 22, 2014

Add mobile to your business

Man , I'm so tired of talking to people then the phone drops call,

Because they have run out of minutes.


This is sad !

Why, Can't you just buy a phone,

Solavei  has cell phone unlimited service starting at $29 a month

Who, can't afford that?

Solavei even have a way for you to get free service

Find phone freedom with Solavei,

Help your friends find phone freedom too,

And Solavei Pays you a finders fee !

Yeah, You Heard that right, They will pay you a finders fee of $5

Per Person. Every single month as long as the ones that you find & sign up keeps paying their cell phone bills.

Now,That  I Got Your Attention !

So, The Question now becomes, 

How many people can you help ?

How many people do you know, that you can help find phone freedom,

Get a mobile phone and or switch from the service they have already ?

Even keep the same number, and in some cases keep the same phones.

Yes, even the I Phone, most phones are compatible with the solavei system.

If your good at what you do, You could start your own little business, and start getting residual income. Baby Boomers are doing it & laughing their way to the bank.

Anyone age 20 can do this too, small businesses, non profits, grandparents, the list goes on and on. 

Join today!

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